domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

A Year Without Rain

Now available on iTunes and stores. Go and buy it!

1. Round & Round
2. A Year Without Rain
3. Rock God
4. Off The Chain
5. Summer's Not Hot
6. Intuition
7. Spotlight
8. Ghost Of You
9. Sick Of You
10. Live Like There's No Tomorrow
11. BONUS TRACK: Round & Round (Dave Aude Radio Remix)
12. BONUS TRACK: A Year Without Rain (EK's Future Classic Remix - Radio Edit)
13. BONUS TRACK: A Year Without Rain (Spanish-language version)

Deluxe Edition of A Year Without Rain includes 3 additional tracks as well as a DVD with over 50 minutes of material including:
- Girl Meets World - Extended Edition: a Behind the Scenes look at Selena Gomez's life on the road and in Europe on tour
- Girl on Film - behind the scenes at a Selena Gomez photo shoot
- A Year Without Rain Video Shoot AND behind the scenes
- Round & Round music video
- Naturally music video

Some pics:

Selena Gomez - Girl Meets World