martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

At Ustream!

Selena Gomez gets asked a weird question *LIVE on Ustream*

Follow to Selena Gomez on Ustream here:

The last Halloween she was talking about The Unifect Trick or Treat and about her experince in Ghana. If you didn´t watch the video please check this link:

We don´t know when is the next live cast.. But I think that is going to be soon cause they are shooting for Naturally´s video, and maybe they could talk about it and about the shows that they are doing! ;)

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  1. Your blog is great!
    I wish you to continue making it as well as you're doing now ;)
    (You know who I am...hahaha)

  2. Thank you Laura!
    Yeah haha =)
    thx again!!
    love ya!
    (Yes, I know who you are haha)