domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

'I've Given Up The Internet' (Selena Gomez)

Stunning Selena Gomez featured on the cover this year's SeventeenPROM issue: 'I've given up the Internet. I don't read comments, and I don't go on any of the sites anymore, and I just feel better. And it's not about being a celebrity, you get on MySpace, Facebook, there's all these different outlets where people can just feel like nobody's watching them so they can just say whatever they want to say, and that gets dangerous sometimes.'

Least fave trend: 'My least favorite trend of 2009 would have to be broad-shouldered jackets. I'm probably bitter because I can't pull it off! It did look good on certain people, just not me.'

On asking a guy to the prom: 'Oh man! I’m not sure there's really a specific way to do it. I think you would seem more powerful if you just went up to him, even in front of his friends, and asked him. Because even if he says no, you can walk away knowing that you had the confidence to ask him. And I think that confidence is the best quality to have.'
Seventeen magazine

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