martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Next stop: ARIZONA!

At 10 am from LA time zone Selena wrote this on her facebook:
Who is coming to Tempe Arizona December 13th? Show starts at 1pm, can't wait to see you all there.

So, the next show is going to be in Arizona where the lucky fans are going to meet her in a super show dedicated for her fans from there. The show is going to be at 1pm of December 13th in Tempe Arizona (Marquee Theatre)
Selena and The Scene are going to celebrate a really good concert like always! They are so awesome and so nice, so if you have the opportunity you should go to one of their concerts!

If you wanna take a ticket go to:;jsessionid=3E7FA455FD6A9E1268716125C41765E6?action=selectPerformance&cobrand=luckymanonline&performance_id=1109850

Today: 7-Dec-2009
Hahah.. Who is getting ready for that show? Tempe is going to rock on with Selena!
Selena post something 2 hours (10 am from Dallas or 9 am from LA) ago in her fb: You getting ready Tempe? Can't wait for this Sunday!!!! 4 days til the music video for "Naturally" on Disney Channel.

So, with the last thing you can supose that her video with the Scene is going to be in Disney Channel!!! We are waiting for that day... Only 4 more days!!

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