lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

Selena Gomez will come to Spain! Yay!

I just read the next on Selena's facebook: 'I have an over seas trip being planned for the record in late March....... London, Paris, Germany, Spain maybe some additions I can't wait to come see all of you. I will pass along more details as I get them in. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!'

That is the first time that Selena will come to Spain to promote her album! Guys, just let her know that we love her!!

I was freaking out while I was reading that!!! OMG!! I can´t wait to see Selena here in Spain!!! I love her so much like a lot of you guys!
We are waiting for her debut album 'Kiss&Tell' and we can´t wait to meet her and see her in a concert!!
P.S: I´m still freaking out haha

Guys, support to Selena here:

We love you and we support you SELENA!

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  1. omg shes coming to spain FINALLY i've been waiting all my life for this