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Selena Gomez Naturally's ranking

Selena Gomez wrote the next on her official facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/selenagomez))'I just got a call from Hollywood Records, Naturally was the most added song to pop radio this week!!!!!!!!T hank you all so so much for calling in and requesting the song to your local radio stations. Here is a link to the all the stations currently playing the song. http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=302429200&blogId=526485406. If you don't see your local station on there call in and request Naturally to be added. Thank You again!'

If you click on the link, it goes directly to the post that Selena wrote yesterday on her myspace. Here you got the thing that she wrote.

Hey everyone,
I'm so happy! I just found out my song is #1 MOST ADDED this week at pop radio! Here is a list of all the stations that are playing Naturally now.

KMVQ – San Francisco
WRVW - Nashville
WPRO -Providence RI
KUDD – Salt Lake City
WIOQ - Philadelphia
KJYO Oklahoma City
KZHT – Salt Lake City
KYMV – Salt Lake City
KMXV – Kansas City
WZEE – Madison
WSSX - Charleston
WHHD – Augusta
KFRH-Las Vegas
WNCI - Columbus
KHOP – Modesto
KRCK-Palm Springs
WBHT - Wilkes Barre PA
WYKS - Gainesville
WDOD Chattanooga
KHTT Tulsa
WFHN-New Bedford
WPIA Peoria
KSXY-Santa Rosa
WJIM Lansing
CKEY - Buffalo NY
WXKB-Ft. Myers
WKSE - Buffalo NY
WSPK- Poughkeepsie
WXYK Biloxi
WIHB -Charleston
KWNZ – Reno
KKMG – Colorado Springs
KLJT-FM - Tyler, TX

If you are reading this, you problaby think that is so awesome! And yes, it is!!! Congrats Selena!!!

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