martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Selena Gomez trip

Selena will come to Spain very very soon! The next month we could see her here in Madrid. The album comes out in Europe March 29th and she will come to Spain March 28th! That is so awesome! I'm pretty sure that she will love Spain (like she said in the video when a fan answered her: 'Do you like Spain?'. She also said: 'I like what I heard about Spain and what I saw!')
She will go to France, to Germany and to UK!
Selena will do some shows/concerts and she really hope to meet you guys there, so if you have the opportunity to go and see her live, go!

Today, the people who was watching the live webcast, could see the Naturally' ramix by Ralphi Rosario. She was watching it to with all of the fans there.
She hoped that we enjoyed the video.

If you missed the live webcast, don't worry. You must click on the link below, watch the video and enjoy it:

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