martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Selena Gomez webcast

Selena: 'Hey Europe don't forget!!! TOMORROW I am doing a live Ustream chat here @ 4PM GMT. I am so excited! #selenagomezlive'

Guys, Selena's webcast was really awesome! She answered a lot of questions from her fans. She told us that she will come to Spain on March, after that she will go to London and to Germany.

It started with this: 'LIVE in 30 minutes! Get your questions ready! @ 4PM GMT. #selenagomezlive'

Later, she wrote the next: 'Live Now!!!!'
So people were in front of their pcs, macs, laptops... And the live chat started!! Wohoo, it was so amazing!

She wanted to tell you guys this: 'Trending number 4 on twitter right now!!!!!!!!! #selenagomezlive'

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